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Test your strength and dexterity trying to tame one of the best mechanical beasts in west phoenix; very few have managed to do it! while enjoying a beautiful day of celebration with family and friends, dare to give your guests a moment of action, believe me you will not regret it. it is a lot of adrenaline for all ages.

Space Needed: 12ft x12xft

What is included with the rental for mechanical bull?

  • 1 Blower
  • 2 50ft Extension Cord
  • Stakes or sand bags to anchor the Inflatable to the ground (all rentals must be setup on grass, or concrete
  • OCCUPANCY: A maximum 1 person at a time for mechanical is what most inflatable manufacturers recommend.
  • CLEANING: All units are cleaned and sanitized before use
  • To rent the mechanical bull you must provide the following:
  • A single 110volt 20amp GFI electrical outlet (standard electrical outlet).
  • Any underground utilities or sprinkler lines marked.
  • The area to be cleared of any sticks, rocks, or animal feces.
  • Any gates or pathways that we must go through must be at least 44 inches wide (a bounce house can fit in a smaller gate, but combos, slides. & obstacle courses and mechanical bull require the 44-inch-wide gate). Pathway to setup Inflatable Rental must not have any stairs or steps.

We do not deliver to Public Parks. We ONLY deliver to Private Residences!


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